Mind Body Flow: Auckland

Every Thursday 11-12:30pm NZST

Mind Body Flow has been specifically developed using a unique combination of circus arts and meditation techniques to help you relax, centre and revitalise. Join SpinPoi Founder Dr. Kate Riegle van West and Tai Chi instructor Bruno Rubini every Thursday in Epsom, Auckland NZ.

For more info email Kate: kate@spinpoi.com

Mind Body Flow is an Approved Group Strength and Balance Class

SpinPoi with Deb

Every Wednesday 2pm NZST

Certified SpinPoi Instructor Deb Gully is a natural health practitioner with training in kinesiology.  Her SpinPoi class is geared toward older adults and includes a gentle workout for the whole body, some brain challenges, and a wide variety of different music to make it fun!

For more info email Deb: deb@frot.co.nz

SpinPoi with Deb is an Approved Group Strength and Balance Class

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