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Poi and Health Resources

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The SpinPoi fundamentals video series will teach you all the building blocks you need to not only play poi, but become a poi facilitator. It is focused on simple and accessible movements for all ages and abilities. Want to know when the series is available? Just enter your email address and click the button below, and we'll message you when it's hot off the press.

What people are saying...

Poi could potentially be one of the most affordable, simple and effective interventions globally to alleviate the growing amount of depression, loneliness and isolation in older adults. We have seen our older residents smile or laugh out loud, socialize and develop new friendships, and engage both their minds and their bodies despite their age and physical or cognitive abilities.

Orquidea Tamayo Mortera
Registerer Diversional Therapist, President of the New Zealand Society of Diversional and Recreational Therapists

Wow, feedback from residents after our SpinPoi sessions is very positive. We did have a laugh along the way, and what I have noticed particularly is how they follow instructions (something that they usually have difficulties with - and the concentration!).

Activities Coordinator, Southlands Residential Home Limited

Practicing poi helps keep the brain alive. It's stimulating. It's fun. It requires complex actions that keep the body and mind engaged. Poi just might help delay the onset of diseases that strike in old age like dementia. If you could delay Alzheimer's onset by just five years, you could reduce its prevalence by 50 percent."

Sir Richard Faull
KNZM FRSNZ, Neuroscientist and Distinguished Professor

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