Public Speaking

Public Speaking

From circus performer to scientific researcher, Kate has always been driven by her passions. She has a PhD in poi (yes, it is possible to be a doctor of swinging a weight on the end of a cord in circles!), and is the first person in the world to scientifically evaluate the effects of poi on physical, cognitive, and emotional health in older adults. Her presentations have won numerous awards including the Future Leader Award from the Royal Society of New Zealand, and first place in both the University of Auckland and the U21 international 3 Minute Thesis competition. From TEDx to professional staff conferences, Kate's presentations mix research, personal experience, and plenty of images and videos to explore health, perseverance, and dream chasing with refreshing honesty and vigour.

Your presentation was just superb! It actually brought tears to my eyes! Seriously! You are such an incredible person – thank you for sharing your story, you’re a real inspiration.


I am amazed by your hard work, intense effort, graceful movement, articulate language, and deep passion. May you continue to be a bright and guiding light for many like minded souls.


Kate has a great passion for poi and this was evidenced by her energetic and informative presentations. She speaks clearly and articulately - it's been a real pleasure to attend her talk.


I can’t think of anyone else who has your communication, presentation and all round awesomeness skills. You’re doing such fascinating and important research.


I have been raving about your talk to anyone who would listen, you were amazing and very inspiring.


Thank you for being a guiding star and a brave explorer into uncharted territory, bearing the torch for the rest of us. I hope to match your achievements someday!


Poi for your health

What is poi? Why is it good for you? And how can it change the world? Kate's presentations on poi and health explore these topics and reveal the details of the first scientific study on poi.

Finding your passion, following your dreams

From circus performer to multimedia artist to musician to scientist to entrepreneur (and many other things in between!), Kate shares her story and inspires others to find their passion and let it shine.

Select presentations

National Diversional & Recreational Therapy Conference
Auckland, NZ. Aug 2019.

FitEx, the Science and Business of Fitness and exercise
Auckland, NZ. Nov 2018.

National Biomechanics Day
Auckland, NZ. April 2018.

University of Auckland Staff Wellbeing Series
Auckland, NZ. February 2018.

Small Island, Big Ideas
Great Barrier Island, NZ. September 2017.

Conference of the New Zealand Association of Gerontology
Wellington, NZ. September 2016.

World Congress on Active Ageing
Melbourne, Australia. June 2016.

International Federation on Ageing 13th Global Congress
Brisbane, Australia. June 2016.

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Along with presentations, Kate is available for presentation/poi workshop combos...a perfect way to get inspired and get moving!