Poi in Aged Care: Rest Home & Hospital Guide


Price in US Dollars. Guide available in English and German.

This guide includes:

1. Introduction
Brief history of poi, scientific research on poi and health, and poi as a form of play and flow

2. Types of poi
Details on two kinds of poi that work best for aged care, contemporary Maori poi and sock poi. Includes a one page printable guide with diagrams on how to make each kind

3. Preparing for a session
Best practices around preparing the space and preparing yourself as a facilitator

4. Warm up exercises
Detailed instructions and diagrams for warm up exercises that can be done with and without poi

5. Playing poi
Detailed instructions and diagrams for the building blocks of poi: two modes of poi movement, plane, timing, and direction. With these building blocks you can provide endless challenge and fun for you and your residents.

6. Routines
Tips for creating good poi routines that will bring everyone together, plus a routine that’s ready to go for the Maori song E Rere Taku Poi. An .mp3 file of the song is included in the download package. You can also listen to E Rere Taku Poi, and many other beautiful Maori songs, online by visiting Delma Rae’s youtube channel. Thank you Delma Rae!

7. Cool down exercises
Suggestions for cool down exercises including some movements from Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

8. Putting it all together
Printable resources to help you get going, including: sample 30 minute lesson plan, warm up quick guide, structured play quick guide, and a routine chart for the song E Rere Taku Poi.

Once purchased you will be able to download the guide in English (both A4 International Paper and US Letter size) and German. This purchase is for 10 copies/downloads, to be used within one organization. Email kate@spinpoi.com to inquire about unlimited use.