Mind Body Flow



Mind Body Flow will be taking a break starting October 2020. In the mean time, please feel free to sign up for the free trial, and we will message you when classes are starting again.

Mind Body Flow has been specifically developed using a unique combination of circus arts and meditation techniques to help you relax, centre and revitalise.

How it works

Each Mind Body Flow class focuses on the combination of 3 core disciplines: Tai Chi, juggling, and poi. By practicing mindful movement through these ancient techniques, you will release tension and tap into a world of health benefits including strengthening your nervous system, improving neuroplasticity, and boosting natural chemicals such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Endorphins. In addition, each class will include a short discussion on a different theme. No experience is necessary in order to join.

When it happens

Mind Body Flow is a 1-hour virtual class. It is hosted live via Zoom every Tuesday at 11am New Zealand Standard Time (9am Australian Eastern Standard Time, 7pm Monday USA Eastern Standard Time). Each week the class will be recorded and available to access for the duration of that week, so if you are not able to attend live you can still participate.

What you’ll need

To participate in Mind Body Flow you will need a pair of poi and 3 juggling balls. If you don’t have these, don’t fret! You can easily make them as demonstrated in the tutorials below. You can also purchase them from our shop.

Meet the instructors

Mind Body Flow is co-lead by Bruno Rubini and Dr. Kate Riegle van West. Bruno is a qualified Coach and Massage Therapist. Bruno started archery at the age of six, and started meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung in 1979 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He competed in archery in his teens throughout South America. He has been Auckland Coaching Director of Archery New Zealand and trained archers for international competition and teaches archery as a form of meditation. Since 1985 he has been studying the Healing Arts of Naturopathy, Energy Balancing, Reflexology, Nutrition, Chi Kung and Meditation. He has also been practising Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years and now teaches Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Meditation in the evenings and weekends.

Kate is a researcher, circus artist, and entrepreneur with a passion for play and wellbeing. She began performing in a youth circus at the age of 7, and has since performed and coached circus arts across the globe. Kate is also the Founder and CEO of SpinPoi, and the leading global exponent on poi and wellbeing. She conducted the first clinical study on the health benefits of poi at the University of Auckland in 2018, and currently supports individuals and organizations across the globe in working with poi as a therapeutic tool. Kate was awarded the Future Leader Award from the Royal Society of New Zealand for her work in the poi/health field.

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