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People all over the world are experiencing the power of poi, from physical to mental to emotional benefits and everything in between! Check out the amazing stories below for some intimate truths about the positive influence of poi, or click the button to share your own story.

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Klaipeda, Lithuania

When I started to play poi, it created a new space within mommy space that I could claim while still having mainly my attention for the kids. But this space with poi gave me joy and enabled me to reconnect to myself and my body in a way that was not restricted by time nor space. And in the practise of poi I learned about my sensuality, about learning to learn, attachments, limitations of the mind and the list can go on. I strongly feel that learning the skill of poi flow changes people and therefor has a power to change the world.

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Misty White

Tempe, Arizona, USA

The doctor/surgeon said I would never be able to spin poi again after they cut my sternum open for heart surgery but they were wrong. I started spinning as soon as my chest didn't hurt any more in the nursing home physical therapy room. The physical therapist there saw my progress and let the elderly spin bean bags as well if they wanted to try what I was doing. It greatly improved their progress because they were having fun. Some even came to my room outside of p.t. time to get lessons.

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Rob Varley

Illinois, USA

8 years ago I tore a Rotator Cuff in my shoulder, I went to a Chiropractor first and decided against surgery. Man does that hurt, a couple months later I tore the other one. Shortly after that I went to see a band and a group of fire spinners performed, what struck me was the Poi. I just had to try it, made some the next day and never stopped. I found the shoulder movement was very similar to what the Chiropractor had me do when I was recovering.

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Jinju Dasalla


With all my formal training and education in neuroscience and the mental health field, what has interestingly become one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox for personal healing and transformation is something I would have never expected – the Flow Arts, specifically the art and practice of dancing with poi, the hoop, and with fire, dancing being the key word.

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Rory aka Dragon Poi

Auckland, New Zealand

Feeling the poi create its path as a new extension of your body, it opens up your mind to be more aware. More aware of your own body and the muscles needed to complete a move. Also more aware of my immediate surroundings. I had found a way to escape this confusing world and enter one that made complete sense to me. I felt in control, and this feeling gave me confidence. As a shy kid, I couldn't speak in public or give a speech, but put some poi in my hands and my fears dissipated.

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Verònica Rodrìguez


Poi has the magical power of helping you to synchronize both sides of the body, the two hemispheres, alining inside and outside, up and down. It's a very powerful instrument to teach you about life, and has shown me that it is not a static thing but a continued process of synchronization and duality. While I was pregnant my belly wanted to dance all kind of rhythms, moving and shaking. I felt that poi gave me this power with an excellent exercise that I recommend 100% to practice on this special period of a woman’s life.

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