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People all over the world are experiencing the power of poi, from physical to mental to emotional benefits and everything in between! Check out the amazing stories below for some intimate truths about the positive influence of poi, or click the button to share your own story.

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Dan Betlejewski

California, USA

I have a highly complex congenital heart defect called transposition of the great arteries (d-TGA). As a kid I was very clumsy, had a speech impediment and very poor fine motor skills. My hand eye coordination was pretty much nonexistent. Now after 16 years of flow arts I'm far less clumsy and my hand eye coordination is better than ever. If you get discouraged just remember it's all about taking baby steps, all those little victories will get you where you want to be.

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Erika Anderson aka Spinclown

Franklin, New Hampshire, USA

I discovered retreats and other poi artists online and quickly picked up this incredible art. I noticed that my thinking had changed to a more positive tone and felt my depression, stress and anxiety disappear. I noticed my coordination improve, not to mention all the exercise I am getting on a regular basis. Poi has also helped greatly build up my self confidence - helping me channel away negativity.

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Klaipeda, Lithuania

When I started to play poi, it created a new space within mommy space that I could claim while still having mainly my attention for the kids. But this space with poi gave me joy and enabled me to reconnect to myself and my body in a way that was not restricted by time nor space. And in the practise of poi I learned about my sensuality, about learning to learn, attachments, limitations of the mind and the list can go on. I strongly feel that learning the skill of poi flow changes people and therefor has a power to change the world.

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Morgan Ezra

My first time spinning fire happens on the shore of the Mississippi river, the moon was full and reflecting off the still waters, I'll never forget those few minutes. The flames casting shadows against the flood walls amaze me, the sound becomes the greatest song I've ever heard, and for the first time I fall into a place of peace. The world fades away and I'm left playing with the elements.

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Rob Varley

Illinois, USA

8 years ago I tore a Rotator Cuff in my shoulder, I went to a Chiropractor first and decided against surgery. Man does that hurt, a couple months later I tore the other one. Shortly after that I went to see a band and a group of fire spinners performed, what struck me was the Poi. I just had to try it, made some the next day and never stopped. I found the shoulder movement was very similar to what the Chiropractor had me do when I was recovering.

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Neil Carter

Shaker Hts, Ohio, USA

I will be 67 in two months and have always been interested in Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation. Unlike tai chi, poi offers resistance to flow moves by the weight of the poi. Now my bursitis in one shoulder is gone. My muscle memory, peripheral vision, coordination, physical exercise, stamina, and some chest and arm muscles have increased.

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