Corporate Wellness

Poi and Corporate Wellness

One of the beautiful qualities of poi is that it can be done anywhere, anytime...even at work! And our research shows that it's good for both the body and mind. After just one month of poi practice, participants in our University of Auckland study significantly improved their grip strength, balance, and attention. What’s better yet, poi is FUN! And having fun is serious business...research from The National Institute for Play shows that play has an important role in achieving success and happiness, and fostering learning and innovation. Whether you're looking for a morning energy boost or a way to unwind, a poi session will leave your employees smiling, energized, and ready to spin their health around.

I was in awe of how well SpinPoi kept a group of 400 attendees engaged. The feedback has been really positive and people loved your session. Your energy infused the room!

- Tarusha, ANZ Bank

Your presentation was energetic and informative, and I felt more alert and coordinated after doing poi. I'm inspired to continue.

- Kate, University of Auckland

Doing poi felt great, both physically and mentally. It was a lot of fun and I felt so happy and refreshed afterwards!

- Cathy, the Centre for Brain Research


Poi is a gentle way to unwind and connect with your body. This session focuses on mindfulness and flow, and combines movements from poi and Tai Chi to leave you feeling relaxed, stretched, and present.

Energy Boost

A great way to start your work day or re-energise at lunch, this upbeat and playful session will challenge your coordination, flexibility, and rhythm. Get ready for lots of laughter and lots of fun!


After gaining confidence with basic poi skills, team up with a partner and play poi together! A test of your communication and trust, this session is an excellent way to break down barriers and foster respect and teamwork.

Our most popular session

"Poi for your Health" presentation/workshop combo

Participants will not only learn about the health benefits of poi, but have the opportunity to play poi themselves! This one hour seminar is packed with research, videos, and a hands-on poi experience. The seminar is lead by Dr. Kate Riegle van West, a circus performer, scientist, and public speaker with a passion for play and wellbeing and over a decade of poi experience. 

Past clients include:

People all over the world are picking up poi and giving it a go. Check out what they have to say:

“Being a graphic designer, I appreciate how even clumsily playing poi relaxes my wrists and fingers that spend a lot of time wrapped around a computer mouse.” Minsu, Finland
“[Poi] has made improvements in all aspects of my life. Mentally as well as physically. I’m 58 years old but feel 10 years younger than that at least. I would recommend it to anyone.” Tim, USA
“[Poi] wasn’t too physically demanding, yet it let me get range of motion and coordination at my own pace. It got me off the couch without hurting me, it cheered me up, it gave me a chance to laugh at myself a lot, and it was great for my confidence and mood. And SO fun.” Robbie, USA