Whether you’re looking for a morning energy boost or a way to unwind, a poi session will leave your employees smiling, energized, and ready to spin their health around.

What’s better yet, poi is scientifically proven to benefit the mind and body. Plus, it’s a whole lot of FUN! And having fun is serious business… research from The National Institute for Play shows that play has an important role in achieving success and happiness, and fostering learning and innovation.


Poi is a gentle way to unwind and connect with your body. Get into the flow and feel how poi and mindfulness connect to leave you feeling relaxed, stretched, and present.

Energy Boost

High energy poi movements set to music are a great way to start your work day or re-energise at lunch. Get ready to test your coordination, rhythm, and have a whole lot of laughs!

Team Building

Playing poi with a partner or as a group will foster communication and trust, and is a fun way to break down barriers and foster respect and teamwork.

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Our clients include

Your presentation was energetic and informative, and I felt more alert and coordinated after doing poi. I’m inspired to continue.

Kate, University of Auckland

I was in awe of how well SpinPoi kept a group of 400 attendees engaged. The feedback has been really positive and people loved your session. Your energy infused the room!

Tarusha, ANZ Bank

Being a graphic designer, I appreciate how even clumsily playing poi relaxes my wrists and fingers that spend a lot of time wrapped around a computer mouse.

Minsu, Ink Tank Media