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Dr. Kate Riegle van West has over 15 years experience teaching and researching poi. Her areas of expertise include training staff in how to use poi for health and wellbeing with their clients, conceptualizing and executing qualitative and quantitative research around poi and health, and creating visual promotional materials such as photos and videos for poi programs. Kate is available for virtual and in person consultation, just drop her an email to discuss further.

Email: kate@spinpoi.com
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What clients are saying...

  • I am amazed by your hard work, intense effort, graceful movement, articulate language, and deep passion. May you continue to be a bright and guiding light for many like minded souls.
    - April
  • I believe you are doing something very valuable. As a neurologist and as an individual with much need for physical activity, meditation and "flow", I feel that your work is much needed.
    - Ren
  • I appreciate the love and devotion you put into poi. You're helping create the world I wish to live in. It's people like you that change the world.
    - Jarrad