Behind the Scenes

“Rhythm represents the life of poi” – Ngāmoni Huata  

Kūtere begins with a heartbeat. A single poi calling out in the space between ground and sky. Between forest and city. Between where we’ve come from and where we’re going. It is here that the poi practiced within Māoridom and the poi practiced outside of Māoridom meet.

But what might they say to one another? A Pākehā searches for the answer.

Her poi cry out kūtere! Leaping, twirling, dream chasing, the answers swirl around her.

Swing out rhythmically, my feelings. Zoom down, wriggle, climb up above, swarm around me, my whirling emotions, my poi, yeah!
– Poi E by Ngoi Pewhairangi and Maui Dalvanius Prime


Concept/Performance/Production by Kate Riegle van West

Music “Kepler’s Breakfast” by Perhaps Contraption

Videography/Photography by Jesse James

Kūtere was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, on an iPhone 7.