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Kūtere begins with a heartbeat. A single poi calling out in the space between ground and sky. Between forest and city. Between where we’ve come from and where we’re goingIt is here that the poi practiced within Māoridom and the poi practiced outside of Māoridom meet.

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A Spin on Ageing

This documentary gives you an inside look at the first scientific research study on poi and health. Hear first hand from the participants about their expectations, experiences, and how they came out on the other side, along with some background and details on the study design and methodology.

The Geometry of Poi

Originally a 4 channel video installation created during Kate’s M.F.A., the Geometry of Poi highlights some of the beautiful shapes created while spinning poi. It has been shown around the U.S., including at the internationalDigital Graffiti Festival, and currently resides comfortably on youtube.

Poi Māori: Whakaki and Back Again

Follow Kate’s journey 7 hours south east of Auckland, New Zealand, to visit poi Māori exponent Angie Smith in her hometown of Whakaki. Lots of beautiful sights and sounds along the way, and of course, plenty of playing poi!