A summary of the results of the first scientific research on poi!

A short documentary which gives you an inside look at the first research study on poi and health, and how the participants held up

TV 1 News interviews Kate and poi study participant Marlene about the health benefits of poi for older adults

Winning video for the Royal Society of New Zealand Emerging Researcher competition

A look at Maori poi and the beautiful New Zealand landscape on Kate’s journey to visit Maori poi exponent Angie Smith

A typical day in the clinics, measuring physical and cognitive function in healthy older adults, during the first research study on poi.

The Orbitar, a multimedia musical instrument rooted in the art of poi, is showcased in this TEDx talk about the potential of poi for utilizes play, musical composition, and beyond

The geometry of poi is explored in this originally 4 channel video installation created during Kate’s Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Art and Media

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