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Our research

While many people have experienced the fun and joy of poi, there hasn’t been any research to evaluate its potential health benefits…until now! SpinPoi conducted the first clinical trial to measure the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function in older adults, working between the Centre for Brain Research and the Dance Studies department at the University of Auckland. After just one month of poi practice, participants improved their balance, grip strength, and the ability to sustain their attention.

SpinPoi wins the prestigious Future Leader Award from The Royal Society of New Zealand. The competition celebrates early career researchers innovative work. 

TVNZ One News interviews SpinPoi director Dr. Kate Riegle van West about the first scientific study on poi, its potential health benefits, and how she got into poi herself.

Radio New Zealand weaves together SpinPoi’s research and interviews with New Zealand poi performers to discuss the rich background of poi and its positive impact on wellbeing.

About SpinPoi

SpinPoi is dedicated to improving lives through poi - a fun, accessible, affordable way to engage both the mind and body. SpinPoi was founded by Dr. Kate Riegle van West, an interdisciplinary researcher and entrepreneur with a passion for play and wellbeing. Click to learn more about the SpinPoi team or to get in touch.